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In supporting crime prevention/reduction the Association introduced OWL (online watch link) system as a crime prevention tool for the people and partnership organisations in 2007 and is now a crime prevention tool enabled by the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales.

It is an interactive communication and crime prevention tool that underpins our watch schemes and supports not just neighbourhoods, but schools, community halls, farms, businesses, shops and groups such as carers, allotment holders, parks and community areas and horse owners.

OWL provides daily crime alerts and other information, and has developed over the years a basis for community intelligence and prevention of crimes and protecting potential victims. Crimes, whether they are shoplifting, stealing farm animals or machinery, or racially motivated, even stealing vegetables from allotments, is unacceptable and threatens the integrity of our communities.

The significant and value of our Association is directly about what happens in the streets, work, leisure and social places around the County and we recognise the important contribution made by our Watch members.

Over the next five years the Association’s plan of commitment is to limit the opportunity for crime and anti-social behaviour to achieve the desired outcomes below:-

Helping in preventing crime occurring through increased awareness and adoption of effective crime solutions and prevention measures, timely reporting of suspicious activities and identification and protection against current, new and emerging threats. The aim is to manage and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, through active community involvement with national, regional and local partnerships.

To help build stronger & safer communities through active citizenship, community safety & resilience enabled by community participation, social action, neighbourliness and partnership working.

Work to achieve effective use of resources through the enormous volunteer resource capabilities within the watch schemes to strengthen their role as a Citizen In Policing to assist the Local Crime Reduction and Safety Plans; and work with local Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Community Safety Partnership and other agencies to prevent and reduce crime and disorder.

If you are not yet receiving the crime and community safety alerts, or updates for your area – please speak to your local Police Officer, Housing Officer, Councillor  - Wrexham Joint Safer Communities Unit or contact us direct

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